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Tahl Rinsky

Tahl Rinsky

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Yoga🔹Connection 🔹 Byron Bay 🔹Owner with @bessyyoga YTT ONLINE 2020~ PRACTICE ONLINE daily.

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A few headstand variations for you to play with 🏁 Have a teacher talk you through the initial phases of setup in the arms and head placement, and if you are newer to going upside down, a wall or friend to spot you is always helpful! Ohh, and a key trick to a controlled lifting of the legs * work the negative range - how slow and controlled can you be when coming down from being up?!?! 😉

Date: 09/15/2022

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Less than 2 weeks before @wanderlustausnz True North kicks off and I’m honoured to be teaching an amaxing soundscape yoga session with Dj @nick_littlemore Celebrating by giving away 5 full Wellness experiences! 🤍2 x free tickets to Melbourne or Sydney event. 🤍 3 months Wanderlust TV access 🤍3 X supplements ! To win just share this post tah a friend and follow @wanderlustausnz Boom 💥

Date: 09/09/2022

Comments: 17

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Unfolding the lotus went live today! You can still join the magic 🤸‍♂️ first live call Monday ♥️🌈

Date: 09/08/2022

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Berlin 🖤❤️‍🔥 I made this real for you so when we see each other we don’t have to spend to much time catching up 😉😂 There are no phones allowed inside clubs and spas so you will have to guess the rest! 😸

Date: 09/03/2022

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Some variations and options for you ❤️ Have you checked out your new online classes for the week? With @bessyyoga you’re working some hip stability, standing twists, a moment in pincamayurāsana, three variations of baddha konāsana and a big serving of gratitude. With @trinskyyoga, it’s all about awareness to your feet in standing poses, side plank, and Pegion. Also, if you are on the road to recovery, try Tahl's 20 min recovery practice. Ohhhh and!………….We've now added a NEW section just below our new weekly classes is called: Vintage Hits. There you will find a rotating selection from the archive below for those who struggle with choice or endless scrolling. These classes have been hand-picked by Bess and Tahl based on demand, feedback and their focus for the month. Check it out, and let us know what you think! Tell your mates we have FREE TRIAL for our online platform, so even from afar, we can still all practice together ✨ link in bio

Date: 08/02/2022

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

It’s about time I get back on the festival stage. Excited to be part of @wanderlustausnz latest project Wanderlust True North! It’s been 3 years in the making and returning with an amazing line up in 2 very special locations … I wouldn’t miss this one 🌈💫 The Cutaway Barangaroo | 17 September Sydney Royal Exhibition Building | 23 September Melbourne #wanderlusttruenorth #wanderlust

Date: 07/20/2022

Comments: 4

Likes: 54

trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Kid got big … 🤍 Happy Birthday Jasper, thank you for your magic❤️

Date: 07/16/2022

Comments: 9

Likes: 411

trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

It’s finally her our next 50 hour sequencing training: Unfolding the lotus 👏🤍🌸🔥 In this training we’re going to give you all our secret recipes, it’s e dry thing you’ve been waiting for! Early bird offer ends July 22 💫

Date: 07/14/2022

Comments: 4

Likes: 201

trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Centr Align is a 4-week program where yoga meets Pilates to help you build strength, tone and confidence. Centr has free Youtube yoga and pilates workouts for you to try. Stretch, find your calm with Centre for 7 days free! You can check out a snapshot of the content on @centrfit free You tube channel here : ♥️🔥

Date: 06/25/2022

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

Extract from “heart fire”, day 7 of our online challenge ❤️‍🔥 oṃ bhūr bhuvah svaḥ tat savitur vareṇyaṃ bhargo devasya dhīmahi dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt – Ṛgveda 3.62.10 “I particularly loved this practice today. It took me back to why I started to practice yoga in the first place. The fire of the heart, burning away all veils. So much of the story I have believed to have been mine has clouded my perception in recent times. Nice to have a glimpse of the transformative powers of the heart again. Thank you Bessy xx”

Date: 06/22/2022

Comments: 5

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

DARK MOFO … a delightful indulgence ♥️🔥🖤❤️‍🔥

Date: 06/21/2022

Comments: 4

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trinskyyoga Tahl Rinsky instagram viewer

If your thinking about doing the Creature 200ytt but haven't yet met us in person, or don't know much about us.... This is for you 😉 We are happy to announce a reformatted 200hr training. Access for the lifetime of the platform. Two intakes per year, July and January. Twice monthly live calls, forever, so you can receive continued support even after completing your training - the time when you need it most. You will be taught by us @bessyyoga and @trinskyyoga , as well as our incredible faculty @becsisaacs Isaacs (anatomy) and Rose Baudin (philosophy, Āyurveda and mantra). Our final intake for 2022 is open now, and will close July 31. You will leave this course with a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher qualification (recognised worldwide), lovely new friendships, and a deep and true understanding of the practices of yoga - practices that, if you let them, will change your life. Link in bio to read more and sign up

Date: 06/21/2022

Comments: 15

Likes: 288

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