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Nichole Hosein

Nichole Hosein

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Holistic Practitioner: Iridology & Sclerology - Kids & Women’s Health - Autism - Autoimmune - Muscle Testing - Lab Testing - Nutrition - Homeschool

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

Easy chicken noodle soup for the soul and picky kids: 2 pounds of organic chicken breast 6 large carrots finely diced 5 cloves of garlic grated 1/2 cup of diced leeks 3/4 cup of mushrooms 2 large potatoes 1 box of jovial pasta 2 tablespoons of turmeric 1 tablespoon of parsley 3 tablespoons of Herbamare 1 teaspoon of paprika Sea salt to taste (You can also add celery, onion, peas) 1. Cook chicken and garlic in oil first on medium/high heat. Once almost cooked, add in spices and veggies. 2. Once the spices are all evenly dispersed on everything, you can add water to fill everything. Bring to a boil again on medium/high heat and then cover. Let cook until potatoes and carrots soften. 3. In a separate pot, cook an entire box of jovial pasta. We used the spaghetti one for this. Strain and wait to add it. 4. Once potatoes and pasta are done, toss it all together and add salt as needed to taste to your liking. The pasta will get thicker in the broth and soak up the flavor. This usually tastes much better the second day. But is delicious either way. #Glutenfree #dairyfree #kidrecipes #feedingkids #bottomlesspits #organic #chickennoodlesoup #winteriscoming #Pickyeating #soup #pickyeaters #pickykids #HealthAndWellness #delicious #recipe #chickensoupforthesoul

Date: 09/06/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

of the most powerful tools in our pocket: Biocidin. We each have our own bottle and use it when we’re traveling, feeling unwell, and for maintenance. This tiny little tincture is packed with a punch. I definitely do not recommend using it on children without the help of a practitioner. And it is essential to go very slow for children and adults alike. Some kids say it tastes like maple syrup and a Christmas tree mixed together. Some kids say it tastes like pumpkin spice. This is a broad-spectrum formula with a signature blend along with 18 essential oils and botanical extracts. Not only does it help to break down biofilms, but it also removes irritants, unwanted microbes, and enhances beneficial organisms in the gut. It offers immunomodulation, healthy digestion and detoxification. It is a fantastic starting point for everyone looking to improve their health. They have so many other high quality products as well, including their amazing toothpaste. This is not sponsored by @biocidinbotanicals - I just have been a practitioner observing the results with clients and in our home. It’s one of my top 5 recommendations for everyone. If you’re in USA, you can get this at 20% savings on my FullScript dispensary. Link found under recommended products on my website. #biocidin #GutHealth #LeakyGut #Children #KidsHealth #Biofilms #HealthAndWellness #Detoxification #Detox #Microbiome #Halitosis #Parasites #BacterialOvergrowth #SIBO #SIFO

Date: 09/05/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

My amazing client now friend, Laura, was able to locate her iridology eye pictures from decades ago! Wow, what a difference! While she is still unraveling her health journey, she has made a lot of changes that have really improved her iris. When the brown fades, it tells me that there were a lot of toxicities in her body, especially her gut, that she’s eliminated. She also had a very prominent radii solaris at the top of her iris which meant that her gut toxicity (possibly parasitic) was impacting her neurologically. The thing is, my sweet friend Laura, while evidently making progress, still has issues that really need to be addressed based on her sclera. This right here is why I love looking at both the iris and the sclera. The sclera requires a lot of skill to analyze so I leaned on my colleague Jana @the_holistic_iridologist for some input. While we can’t diagnose or treat illness as an iridologist, it’s our job while speaking to clients to help unravel what’s going on so that we can determine effective protocols. The sclera provides so much detail as to what the body needs to address to heal. I’m grateful to have my friend Jana to consult with for complex clients (she loves complex illness). Together, there is no doubt we can help this lovely lady heal and feel amazing. #ILoveMyJob #Iridology #Iridologist #ThreesproutsHolistic #MyHolisticBio #HealthAndWellness #HolisticPractitioner #Naturopath #Homeopathic #CellCore #Parasites #GutHealth #AutoimmuneDisease #sclera #Sclerologist #Sclerology

Date: 09/03/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

The #homeschooling life chose me. I didn’t choose it. Days like today remind me why I love having this opportunity with my kids and community. While my kids are young, we use every opportunity to learn hands-on. Little bodies are not designed to sit still and regurgitate information all day. Being part of Wild & Free Academy allows my kids to get out, explore, be active and be in nature every single week. has so many chapters. You should all aim to find one near you for the whole family. #Homeschooling #Homeschool #HomeEducation #HomeLearning #UnSchool #UnSchooling #raisingwarriors #syracuse #eriecanal #upstateny #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren #kids #learning #history

Date: 08/31/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

Knowledge is power. Much of this information is right at your fingertips. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the dangers of certain chemicals. Especially chemicals that can easily leach into our reproductive organs. Not only are we exposing small babies to constant amounts of these while they are in diapers for the first two years of their lives, but we are literally inserting it into our reproductive organs as women. Why? Because we want the materials to appear white? We are literally crapping and bleeding into them. Why does it matter? 🫠 If you’re a parent, get cloth diapers. Or pay extra for a clean brand of disposable diapers. If you’re a woman, there are literally dozens of safer options out there. Fertility treatment is a whole booming business and this is a sure way to have you end up at their doorsteps. And let’s all consider the fact that many of these end up in landfills which then leach these dangerous endocrine disruptors into our waterways. We need to do better for ourselves, for our children, and for our planet. #Infertility #Fertility #Pregnancy #PregnancyLoss #Miscarriage #EndocrineSystem #EndocrineDisruptors #Diapers #Pampers #Huggies #Kotex #Always #AlwaysWithWings #ClothDiapering #Tampax #knowBetterDoBetter #Dioxin #PCDD #VOC #Plastics #Divacup #ISaidWhatISaid

Date: 08/31/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

I have had the privilege of comparing this mat to a standard knock-off. The difference is absolutely astounding and undeniable. There are several reasons why we would benefit from acupressure mat, but here are just a few of the commonalities I see in Iridology and sclerology that show how much you’d benefit from your own @pranamat They take pride in their products. And their customer service is amazing as well. My entire family, cats included, have been using this daily. We are now loyal customers and wanted to share a discount with you all. Threesproutsholistic for 20% off is a very generous discount on such a high quality product. #Acupuncture #Acupressure #HealthAndWellness #HolisticHealth #HolisticPractitioner #Migraines #AdrenalFatigue #Stress #Motherhood #RestAndDigest #pranamat

Date: 08/29/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. And it’s hard to be patient, especially when our children are struggling or suffering with health issues. I have had a lot of kids come into my clinic from other places where the kids were pushed really hard and the parents backed out of that provider. Often these kids are worse off because they become fearful of supplements, certain foods and healing modalities because they associate it with feeling worse. Sure the long-term outcome will address the physical health issues. But not many families endure the intense approaches to get to that point. And what are the impacts on the mental health of these children and parents who endured hardship by pushing such intense protocols? On the flip side, I’ve been criticized for being too gentle on kids and not making enough progress in programs. But I think the gentle approach is imperative to healing and health. Because it builds trust, it builds foundations and we can easily monitor what helps and what doesn’t. You won’t heal your kid overnight. But if you want them to learn to take care and take charge of their health, it comes from being gentle, patient and loving. My kids have been on a gentle approach to health since birth. And they know what their bodies need. They aren’t afraid to try yucky supplements. They aren’t afraid to do new things like hyperbaric oxygen or red light sauna. Why? Because I have never pushed them. As a parent, I realize optimal health is a journey. It won’t happen over night. And I never want them to feel unwell on any protocols they are on. Same goes with my clients. Parents: Be patient. Slow, steady steps to victory are the best way to go.

Date: 08/27/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

I often get asked what supplements I use on my children. These are the ones I find myself using in rotation with kids and clients alike. Of course this may all change based on the unique needs of each child. I strongly encourage you to give with these under the recommendation and care of your practitioner. These don’t all have to be given at the same time consecutively. But if your goal is to keep your child healthy, here are my top supplements and why: Megaspore from MicroBiome Labs: This is a spore-based probiotic that, in my experience, does the best at keeping a healthy gut microbiome. Rosita Cod Liver Oil: This is the cleanest sourced fish oil out there. Rich in vitamin a, vitamin D and omega, this has the ability to protect the cells, help the brain function, keep inflammation down in the body and build strong bones. Seeking Health Kids Optimal Multivitamin: With everything methylated and in its purest form, it is very easily absorbed. While I would prefer vitamins and minerals come from food, some kids are just picky eaters and need this extra support at certain stages of their lives. This is great to support overall growth and development. CellCore Biotoxin Binder: A natural and effective way to detoxify the body. I have used this with my children both internally and externally. This is great for sickness, various exposures such as mold and travel, rashes, bug bites, and stomach bugs to name a few. Bioray tinctures for kids: There are 7 bottles total, each offering various benefits. These are so simple to give to even the most challenging children. They taste delicious and work! Check their site to decide which ones are best suited for your child. I love calm and happy! TRS spray: I find myself recommending this more often to children with dental work such as caps, crowns, spacers and any silver color materials. It’s also great post [email protected] to bind to the heavy metals (although avoiding those would be my first suggestion! 😛) and for children on pharmaceuticals because again, they’re often compounded with aluminum. Every single child is exposed to heavy metals. Some more than others. But every child should detox metals at some point.

Date: 08/26/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

Here’s a quick discussion with @iandeanhosein a professor and researcher in chemical and biomedical engineering. He runs a robust research lab using a variety of chemicals, so knowledge and experience are essential in keeping everyone safe. We love our ozone bubbler from @therasageinfrared but I am often asked for more details on the use as well as safety of the product. Who better to explain it than my favorite scientist. 😍 Use code THREESPROUTS for savings on all of their products, including this ozone bubbler to clean not just produce but so much more including bath tubs, smelly clothes and more. #threesproutsholistic #therasage #iansorchards #Science #ozone #ozonetherapy #HealthAndWellness #Chemistry #Professor #HolisticHealth #HolisticWellness #Knowledge #myhubby❤️

Date: 08/24/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

Brain fog? Frequent urinating? Headaches? Nosebleeds? Chronic stuffy nose? EMF sensitivity? Experience static shocks? These are just a few signs you may be exposed to mold. I’ve been testing people for mold but the biggest issue with this is we don’t always know the source. Conventional testing can be expensive and truthfully not all that great. @gotmold has truly impressed me with their kits. And yes, my science husband approves too! Not only are they easy to use, but the results are quick and the pricing is so much more affordable than other options out there. Their lab analysis is performed according to the highest industry standards so the results are truly reliable. I can’t wait to see this company grow. I am truly impressed! I’m honored to be able to offer a discount for those of you wanting affordable and easy testing. Use code THREESPROUTS10 for savings. #mold #moldillness #moldtoxicity #gotmold #healthandwellness #holistichealth #waterdamage #basements #brainfog #allergies #histamines #nosebleeds #staticshock #emf #radiation

Date: 08/23/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

There is no better time of year than #ecoboise22 with @cellcorebiosciences in Boise! The education is intense, the practitioners are inspirational, the crowd is filled with so much love. I am so blessed to have these people as my tribe. Every day they encourage me, challenge me, inspire me and grow with me. This team of people are here to change the way we look at health and push us to heal in ways we were told aren’t even possible. It’s an honor to be part of this growth and part of this change, especially over the last few years when people are fleeing conventional medicine in search of root cause healing. I love each and every one of you and I am so blessed to call you my friends. Thank you @cellcorebiosciences for putting on another flawless conference of such high calibre. Thank you to @iandeanhosein for being the first professor up on stage sharing your perspective in this industry from a research perspective. And thank you to everyone who hugged my kiddos and made this weekend one of the best memories for my kids and family. Until next year….. #CellCore #IntentionalDisruption #ShiftShapers #HealthAndWellness #HolisticPractitioner #Chiropractic #Osteopath #Naturopath #Professor #Scientist #HolisticHealth #Grateful #MyFriendsAreCoolerThanYours #LimeDisease #MoldIllness #BreastImplantIllness #HeavyMetals #HeavymetalToxicity #Pharmacist #Pharmacology #Chemistry #Chemist #MuscleTesting #Autism #ASD #Iridology @fitquest_nutrition @naturallightwellness @alexandrakusturiss @leena.bolton @thewellnessgahm2.0 @immersionhealth @sweetholistichealth @brennan.lau.wellness @balancing.flamingo @dr.hadarsophia @dr.scanestraro @dr.john.pharmd @drashleybeckman @tianadevrnja @nicolehanse @purely_functionalnutrition @drkathyyeo @janine.chasco @revive_health_wellness @sophiacrystalwellness @cleanlivinghealthandwellness @716synergy @thewellnessgahm2.0 @chelseaturnerwellness @your_health_supply @sexyfoodtherapy @oilswithzeynep @therasageinfrared @thealpinealchemist @living_well_with_tina y’all are my people and I cannot thank you enough for being the amazing people you are! God bless you always!!!

Date: 08/21/2022

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threesproutsholistic Nichole Hosein instagram viewer

The course is LAUNCHED! And this one is for the kiddos. 💓 This can be found through my website in my bio under the “course” tab. This course is open for parents, caregivers, practitioners, students, and anybody interested in children’s health and wellness. No prerequisite required. I lay down the base work of iridology and sclerology for you. I dive into the five most common findings in children’s eyes which even a non-skilled iridologist can find. I go over what this means for them as an individual as well as tips and tricks to parent these personalities I discuss various supplements and dosing for what these may suggest, as well as access to my discounted supplements. I also discuss lifestyle and nutrition choices to best suit these children based on their eyes. You’ll also have access to iridology and scerology charts and information on how to further your knowledge in this field. The entire course is just over an hour long. But you gain lifetime access. Once the quiz is complete you’ll also get a certificate of completion. I am of course launching with a discount. Use code KIDS to save $30. This will expire August 21st at midnight. And I will be doing a giveaway to someone who wants the course for FREE. Simply comment below. I will pick a winner on Friday. Happy learning! And remember, you as parents are THE BEST DOCTOR for your child. #Learning #Education #Iridology #Iridologist #iris #Sclerology #Sclerologist #sclera #HealthCoach #HealthAndWellness #HolisticHealth #alhamdulillah #threesprouts #threesproutsholistic

Date: 08/15/2022

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