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Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood

Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood

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Building a wonderland of artisan cabins. Created by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood 📺 CABINLAND Series 👇🏻

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood with help from family and friends 🤗 . #cabin #cabinlife #tinyhouse #diy #architecture

Date: 05/28/2022

Comments: 229

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

The Castle Cabin by @jacobwitzling and @saraunderwood We’re so happy to finally be sharing our newest creation with you! The castle cabin is our forever home and has been a sanctuary to us. It took us 18 months to construct from start to finish and there are so many people who helped along the way that we can’t possibly list them all here. We want to thank everyone that supported us but especially would like to thank Jacob’s father, Bix Hamby for taking our sketches and turning them into legitimate architectural designs. His conception of certain design features, like the collar tie system, was ingenious and his help with some of the more difficult calculations was invaluable. We’d also like to thank Jacob’s brother Ethan Hamby (@dwellerofthefield) who spent an entire year living on the property helping us with this build. He shingled nearly the entire structure, hung the interior wall and ceiling material and sanded every inch of the house. His attention to detail and positive attitude throughout the process was unmatched and incredibly appreciated. Thanks for your patience everyone as we waited for just the right time to unveil our work to you. We’ve already started working on more projects here in the rainforest as well as Cabinland 2.0 in the desert of the Southwest and we look forward to sharing everything with you. #cabinlife #cabin #architecture #uniquehomes

Date: 01/08/2022

Comments: 280

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

We don’t get snow very often here in the rainforest at Cabinland, so when we do, we relish every flake...especially Homer Cabins designed and built by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #pnw #pnwonderland #cabinlife #cabin #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #diy #beautifuldestinations

Date: 04/04/2021

Comments: 49

Likes: 8.1K

pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

On the agenda today - Soak. Wine. . Hippie hot tub by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #woodfirehottub #cabinlife #wildernessculture #adventuretime #getoutside #pnw #pnwonderland #diy #beautifuldestinations

Date: 01/17/2021

Comments: 158

Likes: 15.1K

pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

Everyday the Castle Cabin is getting closer and closer to being finished. We truly are relishing every milestone. For almost 2 years we have been washing dishes in the Diamond Cabin with no hot water. Now look at us, not only do we have hot water, but a dishwasher! We would be completely content if we stopped now. But we won’t 😉 . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #cabinlife #cabin #kitchen #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #stainlesssteelkitchen #diy

Date: 12/19/2020

Comments: 142

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

We worked until after midnight most nights to finish the bedroom and bathroom of the Castle Cabin so that we could move in here and out of the Diamond Cabin. Ever since, we’ve been sleeping in until after noon, it’s too comfortable and we worked so hard to get to this point. BUT, now it’s time to get back to work and finish the rest of this house. Easier said than done though 😴😴 . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #cabin #cabinlife #diy #beautifulhotels #bedroomdecor

Date: 12/15/2020

Comments: 76

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

We call it The Cabin Castle! It’s been under construction for 1 year now, and we are almost done. It will be 900 sq ft of creativity and handmade goodness! We are very excited to start sharing more of the newest structure at Cabinland soon! Xoxo, Sara and Jacob . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #cabinlife #cabininthewoods #cabin #pnw #pnwonderland #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #beautifuldestinations

Date: 12/15/2020

Comments: 147

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

The diamond cabin has been our home for almost a year now. It’s very small with only 90 sq ft downstairs and 60 sq ft in the loft. SWIPE for more pics of our little home sweet home ❤️ Designed and built by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood 📸 by @everchanginghorizon . #cabinfever #cabinlife #cabin #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousenation #pnw #pnwonderland

Date: 05/06/2020

Comments: 472

Likes: 17.7K

pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

There’s nothing like sitting in a steamy hot tub while the Pacific Northwest rain plays its soft music on the forest that surrounds you. Presenting the hippie hot tub at Cabinland! Made from salvaged cedar, an old wood stove and a water basin big enough for a few humans. The chimney is all that remains from a creepy old shack we dismantled last year. The water gets very hot so staying hydrated is necessary... but the bathing suit is optional. Created by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #woodfirehottub #cabinlife #cabin #pnw #diy #pnwonderland #wildernessculture #glamping #getoutside #beautifuldestinations

Date: 10/16/2019

Comments: 284

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pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

Presenting the Wardrobe Cabin a.k.a. The Storage Cabin a.k.a. Sara’s Closet Cabin. While we’re waiting for the main cabin plans to be approved by the county we thought it’d be fun and practical to build ourselves another little addition to Cabinland and here it is! . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #tinyhouse #tinyhousenation #tinyhouses #cabin #cabinlife #oregon #pnwonderland #wildernessculture

Date: 09/19/2019

Comments: 152

Likes: 11.4K

pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

New shower. Who wore it better? . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #cabinlife #cabin #tinyhouse #glamping #getoutside #wildernessculture #pnw #pnwonderland #beautifuldestinations

Date: 07/02/2019

Comments: 305

Likes: 12.9K

pnwcabinland Jacob Witzling/Sara Underwood instagram viewer

The diamond cabin is getting an outdoor shower 🚿 this weekend! It’s turning out so beautiful, we can’t wait to share some pics with you! Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood . #cabin #cabinlife #tinyhouse #tinyliving #tinyhousemovement #wildernessculture #getoutside #pnwonderland #pnw

Date: 06/30/2019

Comments: 80

Likes: 10.9K

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