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Marina 💋

Marina 💋

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Siga me os bons! Em transição Capilar 💁‍♀️ Musculação ❤💪🏻 Cursando Educação física 📚 Formada em História 🎓👩🏼‍🎓

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ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Eu amo essa série! A melhor trilha sonora ❤ #strangerthings #eddiemunson #dustinhenderson #maxmayfield

Date: 07/02/2022

Comments: 5

Likes: 60

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Cabelo de fogo 🔥

Date: 06/21/2022

Comments: 9

Likes: 57

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Presentinho pra mamãe 🙃🙃🙃🐭🐭 #gatos #gatodomato #felinos

Date: 06/08/2022

Comments: 1

Likes: 99

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer


Date: 05/17/2022

Comments: 2

Likes: 19

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Hoje completo inacreditáveis 35 anos, mas meus amigos sabem que eu tenho o espírito de uma criança de 80 anos. Não há nada melhor que ter a alma leve e o coração tranquilo.

Date: 05/15/2022

Comments: 21

Likes: 87

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Meus companheiros de caminhada. Quati e Tigrão #gatos #gatosfofos #gatodomato #euamogato #roça

Date: 04/04/2022

Comments: 3

Likes: 177

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer


Date: 03/03/2022

Comments: 4

Likes: 117

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer


Date: 02/26/2022

Comments: 4

Likes: 113

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Domingo de trilha, subindo o morro com um moleque nas costas 😂😂😂

Date: 02/20/2022

Comments: 6

Likes: 37

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

#gingerhair #ruiva

Date: 02/09/2022

Comments: 10

Likes: 86

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Ahhh que saudade ❤😭 #gatos #gatosfofos #felinos #amor #gata

Date: 02/06/2022

Comments: 3

Likes: 234

ninardovale Marina 💋 instagram viewer

Aproveitando o cabelo curto 😂 #transicaocapilar #cachos #cabelocurto #mudancavisual #cabelos #cachoscurtos

Date: 01/21/2022

Comments: 16

Likes: 115

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  • Why follow other users on Instagram?
    Monitoring other user actions can give brands and bloggers an understanding of the needs, preferences and habits of their audience, the growth strategies of their competitors on Instagram, an understanding of the influencing factors. For individual users - this is a great way to better know other people's interests, what their family and friends do. This will help to find out with whom the girl or guy you are interested in talking to or who your wife or husband puts likes on.
  • Do you need my Instagram username and / or password?
    No, it is not necessary. Everything is done on our side, we only need Instagram usernames that you want to track. For you, monitoring is absolutely anonymous. The user also will not notice the tracking.
  • Can a user know that I am watching him?
    Absolutely not, there is no connection between you and the Instagram users that we track. Everything is anonymous.
  • How do you collect Instagram user actions?
    We use publicly available data from a social network to track user behavior and verify actions performed in the form of likes, comments and subscriptions. No hacks and unauthorized access are used.
  • Do you have a free version?
  • Can I track the actions of a private closed Instagram account?
    No, this is impossible. We respect privacy; you cannot track Instagram private posts.

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