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Recipe for a warming, delicious and deeply nourishing stew 🔥 Beef cheeks (hello collagen), beef bones with marrow, chicken thighs, celeriac, parsely root, parsley, pumpkin, leeks, king oyster mushrooms, red onions, new potatoes 🥩🍖🥕🧅🥔 Preparation: 1. Sear the meat in ghee for 1-2mins, add salt, put it into the slow cooker. 2. Peel the potatoes, celeriac and parsley roots, chop them and all the other veggies into bigger cubes (2x2cm). Sear them in the pan as well. Add them to the meat in the slow cooker. 3. Cover the meat and veggies with water, add spices of your choice, such as oregano, thyme, etc. 4. Cover with lid and let it cook for 6-8 hours on medium/high in the slow cooker. Take meat out, remove the skin from the chicken thighs, remove the bones. 5. Tear meat into pieces and put it back into the stew. Enjoy!

Date: 09/03/2022

Comments: 17

Likes: 548

, Julia instagram viewer

Fresh sourdough bread from @sofithebakery with raw butter, pastrami, whole grain mustard, raw Manchego cheese, pear, raw apple-sauerkraut and raw honey ✨

Date: 08/22/2022

Comments: 16

Likes: 292

, Julia instagram viewer

My classic go-to dinner 🥩🥔 Seasonal and local, except for the olives 💯 Beef tartare with an egg yolk, air-fried potatoes and zucchini marinated in pesto, olives with oregano, raw honey, cottage cheese, raw fermented sauerkraut and beets, mirabelles.

Date: 08/11/2022

Comments: 18

Likes: 452

, Julia instagram viewer

Breakfast assembly guide 🥚🥩🥓🍓🍊☕️ 1. Choose high quality animal protein(s): High quality means that the protein should come from pasture raised animals or that the animal is wild caught. Organic often isn’t enough, because the animals aren’t held and fed properly. Examples: eggs, sardines, cottage cheese, quark, ricotta, Harzer cheese, raw milk cheeses, liver pâté, bacon, sausages and deli meats (make sure that they don‘t contain any nasty ingredients), sardines, smoked fish, seafood, meat. I usually like to combine at least 2 sources of protein, one of them being dairy based. 2. Choose your fat source(s): I make sure to include saturated and/or monounsaturated fat in my breakfast. Luckily it often comes with the protein, such as eggs, fish, cheeses, sardines in extra virgin olive oil, bacon. I usually also add butter, either frying my eggs in it or putting some on the sourdough bread. High quality extra virgin olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fat, you can drizzle it over carrots or apples. Canned cod liver and bone marrow are other fat sources I like to include from time to time. 3. Choose your carb source(s): It can be fruits, which have the added benefit of other vitamins coming with it, honey, jam and/or starches. Tubers, such as potatoes, should be well cooked. If you consume grains as starches, make sure that they are organic, prepared properly, either fermented or sprouted, and always combined with saturated fat. Examples: sourdough bread (without additives or yeast), bread from sprouted grains, sourdough pancakes or waffles, soaked or sprouted oatmeal, masa harina. Jams should be organic and not contain any additives/aromas. Continued in comments down below.

Date: 08/06/2022

Comments: 19

Likes: 780

, Julia instagram viewer

Simple buttery melt-in-your-mouth goodness 🧡 Organic raw farmed salmon, scallions, capers, olive oil from @honest_toil , lemon and maldon sea salt ✨

Date: 07/30/2022

Comments: 15

Likes: 395

, Julia instagram viewer

Handcut tartare from beef heart with an egg yolk, smashed roasted potatoes (cooked the day before and cooled in the fridge over night to increase the resistant starch) with rosemary cooked in ghee and drizzled with raw kefir fermented cream, raw fennel with EVOO, raw Gruyère cheese, bee pollen and prunes, green olives, red currants and raw heather honey 🌻

Date: 07/15/2022

Comments: 9

Likes: 300

, Julia instagram viewer

There’s no need to make it complicated ➡️ Get the highest quality food you can find 🥩🧀🥚🍅🍑 put it on a plate and you have an absolutely delicious meal within minutes 💪🏻 Bresaola from beef, organic burrata, the sweetest Demeter San Marzano Tomatoes, juicy peaches, fennel greens, long fermented spelt sourdough bread, extra virgin olive oil from @honest_toil and sea salt flakes 💫

Date: 07/14/2022

Comments: 11

Likes: 424

, Julia instagram viewer

Best way to hydrate 💧 raw animal products and fruit 🥩🥛🥚🍓🍉 Beef tartare with an egg yolk, currants, raw sauerkraut, fennel salad with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and raisins, local raw sheep cheese with bee pollen, heather honey, rye sourdough bread from @graggerbrot with raw butter and anchovies 💦

Date: 07/08/2022

Comments: 25

Likes: 656

, Julia instagram viewer

Wild caught shrimp with coconut aminos and honey, oyster mushrooms, bell pepper and zucchini with ginger and garlic, rice noodles, chicorée, raw carrot, spring onions, cilantro, roasted hazelnuts and lemon ✌🏻

Date: 06/27/2022

Comments: 8

Likes: 264

, Julia instagram viewer

Fresh anchovies (spine in) with lemon, polenta with rosemary soaked in buttermilk and water for 48 hours and cooked in bone broth, then seared in the pan and topped with parmigiano reggiano, home made raw fresh cheese from raw milk kefir, Nocellara olives, tomatoes with EVOO 🐟 Polenta recipe 👩‍🍳 Ingredients: - 1 cup polenta: make sure to get the real polenta, not the instant one - 2 tbsp buttermilk - water - 1-2 cups bone broth - 3 tbsp butter - rosemary - salt 1. Put the polenta with the buttermilk in a bowl and cover with cold water (about 1cm above the polenta). Stir well, cover with a kitchen towel and let it sit on the counter for 48-72 hours. 2. After the 48-72 hours drain the water and put the polenta in a small pot. Cover with bone broth, also about 1cm above the polenta. Add the salt, butter and rosemary (or herbs of you choice), bring to boil and then let it simmer at low to medium heat for about 20mins (cooking time may vary, read the instructions on the packaging of your polenta). Stir frequently. Whenever you see that it is getting to dry before the cooking time is over, add more bone broth. 3. Pour the cooked polenta in a glass container and put it in the fridge for at least 5 hours or overnight to let it solidify. 4. Take the polenta block out of the glass container and slice it. 5. Heat a pan with ghee (or tallow, coconut oil) and fry on both sides for 2-3mins or until brown and crispy. 6. Take polenta out, top it with grated cheese and enjoy!

Date: 06/19/2022

Comments: 21

Likes: 610

, Julia instagram viewer

There is no unhealthy food. There is food and then there is non-food, which unfortunately currently is called food as well. This is a sourdough rhubarb cobbler, this is food. Made from fermented organic grains, eggs, butter, coconut sugar (normal sugar would also be fine in my opinion, it’s just what I had on hand), local rhubarb. I added pistachio ice cream made from thickened milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks and pistachio pulp (not home made). I don’t see this as an „unhealthy treat“, because it tastes delicious and makes me feel good. You need to find your balance with real food. Eating exclusively steak isn‘t healthy, just like eating cobbler all the time isn‘t healthy either. What is non-food? A lot of the packaged stuff currently sold in the supermarket: seeds oils, meat- and cheese-imitations, egg-substitutes, plant “milk”. Yes, that’s unhealthy, I just wouldn’t call that food. Recipe: Sourdough Peach Cobbler from HomeGrownHappiness

Date: 06/10/2022

Comments: 54

Likes: 949

, Julia instagram viewer

Seabream from @meeriscoberlin , red onions, bell pepper, cabbage, zucchini and tomatoes with oregano, potatoes with beef fat and rosemary, raw quark dip with olive oil, lemon and parsley 🌞

Date: 06/07/2022

Comments: 7

Likes: 324

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