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Jessica Aldredge

Jessica Aldredge

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Owner of @origindallas Origin Functional Nutrition FNTP Root Cause Practitioner-practice currently closed

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Lately I have been really examining and reevaluating my relationship with Instagram, so I am speaking to myself here as well. Both from the consuption side as well as the creator side. We were not meant to be on an app all day interacting with people, being exposed to news and information day in and day out. If you have ever watched the documentary Social Dilema, we know these aps were designed to create an addiction similar to doing drugs. That hit we get with more likes, followers, comments and dm’s. I’ve recently found myself in an activated nervous system response on a daily basis due to interacting on Instagram. The constant comments about my appearance, questioning my choices and opinions, hundreds of messages a day. The often one sided energy exchange. I keep asking myself, is this worth the stress on my nervous system? And then on the consumption side, the constant bombardment of bad news, conflicting opinions, comparing oneself, feelings of inadequacy, being left out (etc). We can all say, well it comes with the territory or just don’t be impacted by it but it’s just not how we as humans were made to interact as social beings. Whether or not we realize, our nervous systems are greatly impacted by social media-imagine the impact on a teenager’s brain! I feel lucky to have grown up in a time where it didn’t exist. We spend so much time in this holistic community discussing the harmful impacts of chemicals and toxins around us in this world, but I’d venture to say that one of the most toxic things to our health is being held in the palm of our hands as we read this (and I’m not talking about 5 gee). Our body does not know the difference between perceived and real stress. Whether it is reading scary information, or participating in an internet argument, our nervous system is still impacted. Is this something you feel needs to be re-examined in your life for your own nervous system health? Maybe the best protocol is getting off of your phone, out of this fake little world we have created and into what is real and present in your life in front of you.

Date: 08/25/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

It is a very common belief that bleach is a great answer for mold issues in the home-because why not it visibly removes the mold once you apply it. However, bleach actually makes the issue worse. Why? Bleach is made up of 90% water. Molds thrive with moisture, spraying bleach on mold can contribute to further mold growth, especially on porous surfaces. Once you apply bleach, the chlorine content of the bleach dries up, leaving behind water content to be absorbed into the material. The water then helps the mold (in the material) flourish and continue to grow in a moist environment. Bleach feeds the internal mold spores and even makes them stronger. Bleach does not neutralize mold spores and mycotoxins. Meaning they remain stuck to surfaces even though they may look sparkly clean. The EPA actually recommends AGAINST the use of bleach on mold. Furthermore, bleach is dangerous to humans and pets. It creates a byproduct called dioxin which is linked to cancer. The most important steps are to find the “root” of the moisture issue and what is causing the mold growth. Otherwise, you keep trying to “clean” it and it will continue to come back. Typically the building materials need to be replaced vs cleaning. It’s best to consult a professional when dealing with mold issues in the home as DIY can create further, more costly issues for your home and family.

Date: 08/20/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer


Date: 08/20/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Date: 08/20/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Tell me you know the feeling. It’s like all is right in the world again 😂. Tag your bestie.

Date: 08/19/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

I’m just speaking from my experience as I could have saved A LOT of time, and A LOT of money-but it’s all part of learning. -Intense, expensive treatments without addressing foundational health or opening drainage pathways. This is a HUGE miss in the FM world. Things like ozone, PK protocol, iv treatments should not be the first step, especially if the basics aren’t covered. -Thinking restrictive diets were the solution for autoimmunity. Sure removing some irritating foods temporarily and cleaning up the diet is really important but restrictive diets often remove foods which are not harmful to someone’s health, cause food fear, have no road map to reintroduce-and overal are not actually healing anything. The focus should be on learning to read labels, cook at home, prioritizing high quality, nutrient dense, properly raised meats and organic foods. Ok and gluten removal 😉. -Not asking questions and just blindly taking 20+ supplements. Yes, supplements are necessary, but jumping into detoxifying herbs and killers should not be step one. You should understand why you are taking what you are taking. -trying to make 1 million changes at once and being perfect in “holistic living.” There needs to be a balance. Just because you are trying to heal a chronic issue does not mean you need to stop your life. Perfection is not what creates shifts. Often protocols are adding more stress and making people more sick. This should be a very gradual process with small changes. After all, you are undoing a lifetime of damage. -expecting to heal in a month. Creating false expectations on a time line especially when healing from a lifetime of toxicity is unrealistic and leads to doubt and frustration. -thinking your doctor/practitioner is responsible for healing you. Blaming them when things aren’t working. Nope, you and only you are responsible for your health and health outcomes. They are purely guides. -identifying with diagnosis-things like Lyme, mold illness, calling yourself a moldie, Lyme warrior, hashis warrior, clinging to the diagnosis is not helping the matter. You are still the same whole person you were before a lab showed anything. FOUNDATIONS.

Date: 08/16/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

This has become my motto in life thanks to @primaltrust_drcat ‘s Primal Trust program. I have spent my entire life thinking I was not ok. Not ok in my body because of x symtom. Always a feeling of “I am not ok,” no safety in my body or mind. I am ok even though I am experiencing this symptom. I am ok even though I am experiencing incredible heartbreak, pain and grief. Bringing a sense of I am ok even though, has been instrumental in helping to regulate my nervous system and live a life I love. ❤️ You are ok even though…

Date: 08/06/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Quality of supplements is very, very important. Why spend the money on something that has the potential to create more harm? I know you pay more for quality, but like food, it matters. Why not Amazon? Reviews have the potential to be fake. Anything goes-Amazon pretty much will sell anything. They do not do much to verify the authenticity of supplements, labels, etc. It also hurts small businesses. I get it’s a shipping convenience factor and sometimes warranted-but not my go to. Here are brands that do not require a practitioner to order and are high quality, reputable supplements-I do not have codes for all of these-this is not for me to make $-it’s simply to provide a list people can access when searching for quality. This is not exhaustive. @crucialfour : Local to DFW, amazing small company. Faves are Msalt, mag bicarb, mcolostru, mdefense: JESS15 @lifebludco: Canadian co (prices in cad): antidote, protect, energi+, regulate, Mag+, mushrooms: Jess10 @mitolife: Pufa protect, dairy absorb, purely k, dissolve it all, digest it all, resilien-c, mag-atp @perfectsupplements : best collagen, beef liver and organs-so many great supplements here. Could be a one stop shop. @jigsaw_health : Adrenal cocktail and Mag Soothe (great alt to Calm-no citric acid or mag citrate) @coreformulas: love the happy b’s @shopwildwholistic : Healing Body!! All of their stuff-new products including a great liver support: JessONF @himalayancrystalsalt: salt @urbanmoonshine: digestive bitters @microbeformulas: no practitioner code needed-Cellcore’s sis co. @shoporganicolivia: love the whole line @beekeepers_naturals: bee pollen, throat spray @getsmidge: AM, PM mag, enzymes @heartandsoilsupplements: Histamine and Immune for MCAS/histamine issues @earthleywellness: love it all @biofulvic: multi mineral: Jess10 @wilder_earth_ : Amazing momma made and run A few others: @globalhealingofficial @woodlandessence @motherearthlabs @docofdetox @bioraykids Hope that is helpful to have all in one spot.

Date: 07/22/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Live with @moldauthoritylive . You can find info on booking consults with him in his link tree!

Date: 07/19/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Wanted to jump on this trend. If ya know ya know.

Date: 07/17/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Kind of a follow up to the last post, no point in looking back on life focusing on different “mistakes” or should we call them learning experiences in life with shame, regret, guilt. None of us would be here today, doing it better if we hadn’t made the choices that put us on our current path. Lord knows I would not have chosen to go back to school had I not lost my health. I wouldn’t have healed my relationship with food and exercise if it weren’t for losing my health. I wouldn’t have made the important, well informed choices for my family, had I not lost my health. I wouldn’t have been able to handle my Father’s death with such strength had I not met the people that have helped me walk this path, had I not lost my health. I wouldn’t be breaking dysfunctional generational patterns if I hadn’t lost my health. I have so much gratitude for my former self, doing her best, with what information I had at the time. At the end of the day, we all want the same outcome-to be healthy and happy. How we get there will be many twists and turns. No regrets.

Date: 07/15/2022

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jessaldredge Jessica Aldredge instagram viewer

Believe me when I say I’ve done most on this list aside from some of the diets (I was straight up Anorexic), Botox and Implants but most of these were my childhood, teens and 20’s. It wasn’t a surprise I was diagnosed with Hashimotos after having children. It is never one thing. It is a lifetime of exposures to toxins, deficiencies and stress. There are many many many other factors I was just having a little laugh at all the things we thought were awesome back in the day. In this world of “root cause” we want to blame mold, Lyme, parasites, etc but what lead us to be susceptible to these things in the first place? There is only so much we can suppress, ignore and continue pile on our bodies until the body has finally had enough. People ask well then what about babies and children. Why do they get sick? Our deficiencies impact them in the womb. We pass on our toxic load. Many are starting life with a high toxic load and lacking in important nutrients. Luckily, once we know better, we can do better for ourselves and our children. Something tells me with all the info at our fingertips we can raise a healthier generation. At least that is my goal.

Date: 07/13/2022

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