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Jill Fergus

Jill Fergus

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Recipe developer, stylist, photographer. Seasonally focused and plant forward. I hope to make you hungry. She/Her #feedtheswimmers

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Meet my current obsession. It’s been on repeat for weeks and realized I needed to share… Toasted sourdough, finished with olive oil or butter and covered with a generous amount of warmed chèvre onto which I pile a chopped salad of heirloom tomatoes, ripe peach, white balsamic, hot honey, olive oil, flake sea salt and fresh ground pepper. It’s a delicious meal in barely 15 minutes. Sometimes I add a tiny bit of Dijon and sometimes I add thinly sliced jalapeño. I’m trying to relish the last gasps of summer. I’m feeling like I really need to be planted in the moment and meals like this help it take hold. I recently took a much needed break. I felt like I needed to decompress and enjoy what’s right in front of me. We travelled to see family we haven’t seen in while and meet our new additions, enjoyed an end of summer vacation, went to the US Open with old friends, and have been going to the beach as much as possible for the sun and some great whale watching. Oh, and make this toast before the tomatoes and peaches vanish. #f52community #thingsontoast #tomatopeachsalad #goatcheese #howisummer

Date: 09/10/2022

Comments: 29

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Gently Roasted Sungold and Peach Gazpacho (recipe below) . I deviate from the traditional by roasting the sungolds just until they swell, amplifying their brilliant flavor. They, along with any juices that may have been released in the oven, get blended with cucumber, peach, and garlic confit, I like to take this down to a velvety purée. It’s finished with diced white peach, tiny croutons, basil, fresh ground pepper and a drizzled of olive oil. Serve room temperature or chilled in bowls or glasses so it may be sipped and savored. (Note- I don’t add fresh/raw onion or raw garlic as I’m unable to eat them. You do you.) If you don’t want to turn in the oven, go for it. These gems still makes magic. Heaping quart sungolds 1 tsp Garlic confit ( or 1 clove) 1 large Peach, rough chopped 1 small white peach, finely chopped for garnish 1 Cucumber, medium sized, *peeled, seeds removed, or a few Persian cucumbers, rough chopped. 1 1/2 Tbs White balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup Olive oil, plus more for drizzling Pinch chili flakes Flaky sea salt Fresh ground pepper Roast tomatoes at 350F for about 8 minutes or just until they swell. While they cook, prep the cucumber (*you’re peeling it as blending orange and green makes brown). Add to a high speed blender with peach and cucumber. Blend to a purée. While running drizzle in olive oil. Add remaining ingredients and adjust all to suit your taste. If you don’t have white balsamic, champagne vinegar is great. #f52community #gazpacho #sungoldgazpacho #peachgazpacho #howisummer

Date: 08/18/2022

Comments: 37

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Summer Soba Salad with Miso Tahini and Chili Crisp. Choose your favorite veggies. You don’t need any special tools or equipment. If you only have a vegetable peeler, you can create ribbons and cut them into thin strips. Choose your favorite chili crisp. I recommend @hettymckinnon’s Everything Oil from To Asia with Love. Cook soba per package directions less 1 minute. Rinse with cold water and toss with sesame oil. Toss with dressing and drizzle chili crisp. Fresh jalapeño, Bird’s Eye Chili… are great additions. Serve with cold sake. For the dressing: (about 4 servings) 1/4 c Tahini 1 tsp white Miso 1-2 tsp Maple syrup 1 Tbs Rice vinegar 1 tsp soy sauce or tamari 1 tsp Toasted Sesame oil 2 tsp grated Ginger Whisk with water, a tsp at a time, until desired consistency is achieved. *If you use seasoned rice vinegar, cut maple syrup to 1 tsp. Coconut Aminos may be substituted. Enjoy! #f52community #howisummer #soba #sobasalad #eatherainbow #tahini #miso

Date: 08/13/2022

Comments: 54

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Tomato Sandwiches every which way. This one with Sungolds and a couple of rando cherry toms served open faced. Ciabatta is well toasted with Kewpie mayo squeezed on top. Flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper is a must. Touch of basil from grandma’s herb pot to top it off. #f52community #tomatosandwich #howisummer

Date: 08/12/2022

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Zucchini Butter is delicious with just about anything you can imagine. For that reason, I love cooking up big batches in my @AllClad Copper Core sauté pan to take us through a weekend’s worth of pasta, sandwiches, crostini and more! We’re especially loving it stirred into creamy polenta. The key to success for both the zucchini butter and the polenta, is to cook them low and slow. Neither are complicated but patience is key. Low even heat for a generous amount of time brings out the best of these ingredients allowing the zucchini to really “melt” while retaining its fresh flavor, and the polenta to develop its magical creaminess (you may cook this up with instant polenta, but traditional is really the way to go). If you start both together, each cooks for about the same amount of time. I also love having garlic confit on hand, to add to this dish and so much more, for its rich flavor and digestibility. I am able to achieve beautifully golden cloves while keeping the olive oil well below its smoking point on the stovetop. I trust my @AllClad Copper Core pans for their exceptional performance and precise and responsive heat control. I don’t want any hot spots browning my zucchini. These heirloom quality pans make it easy for me to up my cooking game as their copper centers are bonded up to the rim to provide rapid heat conductivity and responsiveness with the strength and easy maintenance of stainless steel. Flared edges allow for accurate, drip free pouring. The cutouts on the handles are heat reducing with comfortable contours. They’re also quite beautiful and work with all cooktops, including induction. You may follow @AllClad to learn more! They’re truly engineered to last a lifetime. #allclad #coppercore #zucchinibutter #polenta #howisummer #zucchinibutterpolenta #meatlessmonday

Date: 08/08/2022

Comments: 34

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Anchovy magic. The smallest amount is capable of elevating everything in its wake. Not that a summer tomato sando needs any help, but this really makes some crazy next level deliciousness. Adjust quantity to suit your taste. Anchovy paste works beautifully as well. If you’re anchovy shy and want to dip a toe in, a splash of fish sauce is your ticket. The anchovies I used here included some capers, which I also highly recommend. #f52community #anchovymayo #anchovy #tomato #tomatosandwich #howisummer

Date: 08/06/2022

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Summer Bagel. Cream cheese whipped with a touch of feta, for that mouthwatering balance of creamy and tangy, gets generously slathered across the well toasted surface. Ripe, sweet tomatoes and crispy cucumber get piled on top. Flaky sea salt, fresh ground pepper and the sesame seeds that come loose when you slice into bagel get sprinkled on top. Fresh dill is added when I have some. I look forward to this every summer and I don’t share. #f52community #bagelandcreamcheese #whippedfeta #tomatoes #cucmber #bagel #howisummer

Date: 08/03/2022

Comments: 15

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Sourdough Focaccia. Always a winner. My go-to is @alexandracooks recipe for Simple Sourdough Focaccia. Over the years I’ve come to understand the rhythm of my starter and learned how my to make small adjustments with fresh milled flours and grains. If you haven’t baked (sourdough) bread yet and are intimidated by the process, this is a wonderful place to start. Focaccia is “no kneed” and quite forgiving as you’re learning. Cooking time is under 30 minutes so it’s definitely worth turning the oven on for. I also find the bulk fermentation moves along quite quickly during summer when the kitchen is warmer, meaning I can bake this in the evening if I start the process in the morning. It’s also so much fun to experiment with toppings. @pastryschiff has a crazy delicious recipe for a Salted Honey Focaccia you should definitely also try! #f52community #focaccia #sourdough #sourdoughfocaccia #thebakefeed

Date: 08/02/2022

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Summer Salad, not premeditated. I grabbed a few things off the counter- assorted tomatoes, white peach, yellow plum, handful of herbs. Then rummaged through the fridge and came out with cucumber, jalapeño, pickled onions and castelvetrano olives. Dressing is a blend of Greek yogurt, more herbs, tahini, lime, garlic confit, honey, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. It was really really good. I love summer produce. #f52community #summersalad #howisummer #tomatosalad #peach

Date: 07/30/2022

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feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

I’ve been patiently waiting to put this salad on repeat. Tomato Salad with Serrano Chili Oil, Currants, Cherries and Fresh Herbs. I slightly adapted this magical salad from @sophia_roe who’s food always inspires me. She describes it as f’in perfect, and it is. As summer tomatoes come into their glory, this divine salad becomes even more delicious. I make tweaks as the season goes to accommodate what I have on hand. I love this salad with a sweet component like cherries, peaches or plums and love to add cucumber as well. Leftovers can be chopped up for a bright salsa, and is perfect spooned over fresh grilled fish. The blended spicy chili oil goes on everything so do make the full cup. If serrano peppers are too hot for you, substitute jalapeño removing seeds and veins as you prefer. Recipe below and the original will be linked in today’s Stories. Serrano Chili Oil Adapted from Sophia Roe 1 cup olive oil Large handful basil leaves 1 Serrano chili, seeded to your tolerance, or substitute jalapeño 1 tsp coriander seeds (don’t skip this) •Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan over low heat. Allow 10 minutes. Remove from heat and carefully blend or blitz up to create a vibrant green oil. Be careful of hot splatters. If using a blender, I remove the plug of the blender lid and cover with a clean dish towel. For the salad (adjust q’s to suit your taste) About 4 lbs heirloom tomatoes, cut as you like 1/2 C fresh currants Handful of cherries, pitted and cut in half Juice of 1 lemon and its zest Large handful basil leaves 1/4 C dill, chopped, separated 1/4 C cilantro, chopped, separated 1 Serrano chili thinly sliced (for finishing) Large pinch Flaky sea salt Fresh ground pepper Set aside pinches of each herb and sliced pepper. Combine all other ingredients in a large shallow bowl, cover and set aside for a good 30 minutes to allow juices to release and flavors to meld. Plate and top with remaining herbs, sliced chili, a generous topping of chili oil, flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Enjoy! #f52community #howisummer #tomatosalad #chilioil #currants #serrano

Date: 07/28/2022

Comments: 78

Likes: 991

feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

Fava Bean Ricotta Toast with and Fresh Herbs and Hot Honey. Generously topped with extra virgin olive oil and drizzled with hot honey, you may find yourself making seconds. No doubt about it, worth the few extra minutes it takes to peel the beans as this dish comes together so quickly.. Herbs are a little of each I had on hand. Flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper finishes this off. I chose a sourdough for the base and made sure to char the edges. (Goat) Ricotta here is homemade (recipe on the blog), your favorite store bought will work fine. Please let me know if you’d like to see a video of the process. I find avoiding ultra-pasteurized options works best. Also on this toast- marcona almond and chive blossoms. #f52community #ricottatoast #favabeans #howisummer #thingsontoast #eatingwelleats

Date: 07/26/2022

Comments: 26

Likes: 635

feedtheswimmers Jill Fergus instagram viewer

I miss the calm and still of scrolling through photographs. Video is great, but I’m finding the constant stream of them exhausting at times. Anyone else feeling me? So, I will leave what I did with my leftovers right here. I literally threw together this Sunday Salmon Bowl with Fresh Local Vegetables (sorry avocado). The salmon is leftover from Saturday night’s Miso Salmon Burgers (recipe on the blog) and is piled on a bed of rice with just picked carrot, turnip, cucumber, corn and avocado. Cilantro and a touch of ponzu sauce topped it off. I love repurposing leftovers and I love happening upon an opportunity to capture a dish with no for-thought and when I least expect the light to cooperate. #f52community #salmonburger #leftovers #repurposedleftovers #howisummer #salmonbowl

Date: 07/25/2022

Comments: 90

Likes: 717

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